Bacterial Viral Filters (BVFs) reduce contamination risk to equipment & others when performing Spirometry during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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For COVID-19, focus is correctly placed on community transmission. But infection may also occur in clinical settings like hospitals or health practices. A recent ERS Statement recommends using a high specification disposable in-line bacterial and viral filter (with minimum proven efficiency for high expiratory flow of 600 to 700 L/min) if you are conducting lung function testing during COVID-19 pandemic and beyond Vitalograph’s BVFs meet the standards outlined by the ERS. We recommend using Bacterial Viral Filters (BVFs) to reduce the contamination risk to spirometers, pulmonary function testing equipment and respiratory monitors, and the potential infection risk to others. BVF’s are not intended for use on Ventilators & face masks. Professor Colum Dunne, University of Limerick & colleagues tested Vitalograph BVF’s (not specifically COVID-19 related testing) to assess effectiveness in preventing bacterial or viral transfer to and from respiratory equipment. Results showed >99.999% effectiveness for prevention of microbial transfer to equipment. BVFs also reduced potential transfer from equipment to user to a level below levels of detection. This suggests BVFs should be used where possible when testing using respiratory equipment. Vitalograph recommends cleaning spirometer flowheads between each patient using 70% isopropyl alcohol. Professor Dunne believes that these approaches potentially reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, and other bacteria or viruses, between patients in clinical settings.

Vitalograph Bacterial Viral Filters (BVF) provide an efficient hygiene solution giving better than 99.999% protection from bacterial and viral cross infection. BVFs provide a significant level of protection for the subject, the device and the user against cross contamination during spirometry manoeuvres. When a new BVF is used for every patient, the interior of the device is protected meaning that only exterior surfaces require cleaning.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and if your local risk assessment demands a higher level of decontamination, or you have reason to suspect that the interior of your device may have become contaminated, please follow the Vitalograph Flowhead Cleaning Instructions here